What's New in Thermo-Calc 2022a

The quality of the predictions in Thermo-Calc is strongly dependent on the quality of the databases, making the databases as important, if not more so, than the software itself. This is what makes the 2022a release so remarkable. The Thermo-Calc 2022a release includes fourteen new and updated databases, with much of the development focusing on adding new thermophysical properties. This also includes the introduction of our first ever databases for zirconium and permanent magnetic materials.

In addition to the databases, we also made important updates to the software, such as the introduction of a Material to Material Calculator, a Nickel Model Library, and more. In this webinar, you’ll learn about the release from two of the developers who worked on it.

About the Speakers
Hai-Lin Chen, Ph.D. 

Hailin-Chen500x638Hai-Lin Chen did his Ph.D. on phase equilibria measurements and CALPHAD modeling of Al-based alloy systems at CSU, China. During this period, he worked as an exchange scholar on crystal structure experimental determination at University of Vienna. He then worked as a Post Doc on heterogeneous nucleation and directional solidification at University of Clausthal. He joined Thermo-Calc Software in 2011, mainly developing Al-based alloys database (V1 to V8) and Mg-based alloys database (V1 to V6), as well as the first version of the TCTI database. He was mainly focused on the model development for and the modeling of electrical resistivity and thermal conductivity in the recent years.

Reza Naraghi, Ph.D. 

Reza-Naraghi-500x638Reza Naraghi is a Product Manager and Database Developer with nearly a decade of experience working at Thermo-Calc Software. He is responsible for the development of the steel and Fe-alloys and nickel-based superalloys thermodynamic and properties databases, as well as the companion mobility databases. Reza studied materials science and engineering, with specialties in CALPHAD, computational thermodynamics and kinetics, various materials characterization techniques, and physical metallurgy.




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