Thermo-Calc 2024b Release Overview

Discover the new features and databases in Thermo-Calc 2024b, released in June 2024. This webinar offers an overview presented by the developers who worked on the release. They discuss the latest advancements, improvements, and additions to the software and databases, providing detailed insights into what users can expect from this updated version.

Topics Include:
  • Printability Maps added to Additive Manufacturing Module, and other improvements

  • New Titanium Model Library

  • Elastic Properties Introduced

  • Significant speed improvements for Property Calculations

  • Improved Martensitic Steel Strength Model

  • First ever databases for Molybdenum and Niobium refractory alloys, five other new databases

  • Dr. Bartek Kaplan, Department Head & External Research Coordinator, Thermo-Calc Software

  • Dr. Johan Jeppsson, Department Manager of Software Development, Thermo-Calc Software

  • Dr. Liangyan Hao, Database Developer, Thermo-Calc Software

  • Dr. Mehdi Noori, Database Developer, Thermo-Calc Software

  • Dr. Carl-Magnus Lancelot, Technical Support & Sales Engineer, Thermo-Calc Software

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