Thermo-Calc 2024a Release Overview

Learn about the exciting new features and new databases included in Thermo-Calc 2024a, released in December 2023. In this webinar, the developers who worked on the release present an overview of these exciting new developments. 

Topics Include:
  • Enhancement of the Additive Manufacturing Module (released in June 2023)

  • A new Parallel Coordinates plot type for Materials Design

  • Four new Property Models for a variety of applications

  • Transform simulated 3D Size Distribution to 2D in TC-PRISMA

  • The first ever database for Molten Salts, five new, and one updated database

  • Dr. Bartek Kaplan, Department Head & External Research Coordinator, Thermo-Calc Software

  • Dr. Johan Jeppsson, Department Manager of Software Development, Thermo-Calc Software

  • Dr. Lina Kjellqvist, Database Developer, Thermo-Calc Software 

  • Dr. Rui Zhang, Database Developer, Thermo-Calc Software 
  • Bethany Huseby, Head of Marketing, Thermo-Calc Software

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