Thermo-Calc 2023b Release Overview

Learn about the exciting new features and new databases included in Thermo-Calc 2023b, released in June 2023. In this webinar, the developers who worked on the release will speak directly about these exciting new developments.

Topics Include:
  • Andreas Markström, Head Of Product Management, Thermo-Calc Software
  • Dr. Jan Julin, Software Developer, Thermo-Calc Software
  • Dr. Ralf Rettig, Head of Software Platform, Thermo-Calc Software
  • Dr. Fredrik Haglöf, Materials CALPHAD Database Developer, Thermo-Calc Software
  • Dr. Rui Zhang, Thermodynamic Database Developer, Thermo-Calc Software 
  • Lina Berglund, Application Specialist, Thermo-Calc Software

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