Thermo-Calc 2023a Release Overview

Learn about the highlights of Thermo-Calc 2023a, which was released in December 2022 and includes several improvements to our software and four new databases. In this webinar, the developers themselves will present what’s new in the 2023a release. 

Topics Include:
  • Introducing Dark Mode (1:29)
  • Scheil Solidification Calculator improvements (3:50)
  • Preview of the new Additive Manufacturing Module (10:10)
  • New and updated databases (26:00)
  • Questions & Answers (46:15)
  • Dr. Amer Malik, Software Developer, Thermo-Calc Software
  • Dr. Jan Julin, Software Developer, Thermo-Calc Software
  • Dr. Yang Yang, Database Developer, Thermo-Calc Software
  • Dr. Fangzhou Xing, Database Developer, Thermo-Calc Software
  • Dr. Carl-Magnus Lancelot, Technical Sales and Support Engineer, Thermo-Calc Software

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