Thermo-Calc 2022b Release Overview

Thermo-Calc 2022b was released in June 2022 and includes several improvements to our software and many new databases. In this webinar, the developers themselves will present what’s new in the 2022b release. 

Topics Include:
  • Process Metallurgy Module in TC-Python and TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® (2:37)
  • New ferrite model in the Steel Model Library (21:33)
  • All new and updated databases (38:24)
  • Questions & Answers (46:56)
  • Dr. Ralf Rettig, Head of Software Platform, Thermo-Calc Software
  • Dr. Jiayi Yan, Software Developer, Thermo-Calc Software
  • Dr. Carl-Magnus Lancelot, Database Developer, Thermo-Calc Software

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