Kinetics of Dendrite with Non-equilibrium Kinetic Effects

Non-equilibrium solidification involves solute trapping and attachment kinetics, both phenomena leading to deviations from the thermodynamic equilibrium phase diagram. These effects are of prime importance for modeling the growth of interfaces. However, they rely on mathematical expressions only valid for dilute alloys and ideal solutions. Similarly, dendrite tip and planar front kinetics are based on the linearization of the phase diagram.

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In this webinar, a model is proposed that computes i) a kinetic phase diagram, i.e. a phase diagram that accounts for non-equilibrium phenomena, and ii) the planar front and dendrite tip kinetics, all coupled with CALPHAD databases, and hence suitable for non dilute commercial alloys and rapid solidification. Comparison with the usual approximations found in the literature will be shown. The models are intended to be used for additive manufacturing and microsegregation analyses.

This webinar is part of our Expert User Series, which invites experts from industry and academia to present their work with Thermo-Calc products.

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