High-Throughput Exploration of Refractory Superalloys with Experimental Verification

Emulating Ni-superalloy γ-γ’ microstructures, Refractory Superalloys with a ductile BCC matrix and embedded B2 precipitates could provide next-generation alloys for operating temperatures ≥1300 °C.

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In this webinar, Dr. Sebastian Kube presents recent work on the efficient discovery and targeted design of new Refractory Superalloys using the Thermo-Calc High-Entropy Alloys database in conjunction with the TC-Python toolkit. Using this framework, 3500 potential alloy systems were rapidly screened. Target criteria include compositions predicted to form stable BCC-B2 microstructures, thermal processability by a dissolution-precipitation pathway, optimized B2 solvus temperatures, and small lattice misfits. From this analysis, 20 alloys were selected for experimental verification. In good agreement with the Thermo-Calc predictions, many of these alloys exhibit thermal stabilities as high as 1900 °C and exceptional processability.

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