Demonstration of the New Additive Manufacturing Module

Learn how to generate data, set-up calculation types, and more

The Additive Manufacturing Module is an Add-on Module in Thermo-Calc that is primarily designed for modeling the powder bed fusion process in Additive Manufacturing.

Special focus has been given to have a unified treatment of alloy dependent material properties and process parameters when solving the multiphysics problem of a moving heat source that melts and solidifies metal powder. The multiphysics simulation involves thermal conduction, fluid flow, evaporation-, radiation- and convective- heat loss.

This webinar will give an overview of the module, followed by a live demonstration of how to: generate the materials data needed for the simulation, setup different calculation types, analyze results, couple results to other modules, and finally a preview of the current development.

Topics that will be discussed:
  • Generation of Materials Data
  • Overview of the Module
  • Demonstration of different calculation types:

    - Steady State (SS)
    - Transient with Heat Source from SS
    - Transient

  • Visualization and analysis of results
  • Comparison with experimental results
  • Coupling with Diffusion- and/or Precipitation Module
  • Preview of 2024a development


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